The internet is a much better place when we all respect netiquette!

Welcome to the Netiquette WikiEdit

This is a wiki dedicated to creating a set of netiquette rules that we will be following during this course.

In this Wiki, we will be learning about netiquette.Edit

What is netiquette? Netiquette is a set of rules that we follow when using the internet in order to make it a friendlier, kinder, better place!

What is the golden rule of netiquette?Edit

Simple! Just like in real life, the golden rule is to: do unto others on the internet as you would have done to you.

What are the other rules/how do I follow the golden rule?Edit

Use these links to learn more about the rules of netiquette. These are the rules that we deemed to be important in class together. They will help you follow the golden rule, allowing you and others to mutually have a great time on the internet!

Rule #1 - Spell check

Rule #2 - Do not use all caps

Rule #3 - Tell the truth

Rule #4 - Do not flame

Rule #5 - Quality over quantity

These rules have been agreed upon in class, and is based off of the list on

Each rule was assigned to a group, and explored.

Netiquette evolves over time, and applies differently based on the situation. If you feel that something is missing in these rules, bring it to the attention of Mr. Kim in class or by email. Upon approval, you will be able to add an additional page to this wiki.

(For the purposes of the assignment, the pages were filled with the content from, but ideally, this wiki would be fully compiled by students. Each group of 3-4 students would be given a specific rule to explore and justify.)

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